‘The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories’ Carl Jung
‘この世の悪の理由は、人々が彼らの物語を伝えることができないからである’ カールユング

Stories are the ancient roots that ground and bind a culture together, the magic in a story is what lifts its boughs and branches so that across time and space these stories reach us all. The last eighteen months have given the world a need for stories more than ever. We need stories that tell us what is important, what it means to be alive, how to gain the courage and will to live fully and stories that teach us how to transform in peace when that life is over.
In my exhibition Sachi, I want to tell stories that have meant a great deal to me. Some are ancient, some are new, some are from my dreams or my imagination but they all take place in a world I have been creating since I was a child. You will meet forests that are minds, religious idols of our future selves, clouds that are gods as well as some familiar heroes and heroines from history and mythology. Stories are the antidote to despair, they order chaos and give us healing by giving life meaning and structure. Much of our media, particularly social media gives us the illusion we are telling our stories but the output is disordered, broken up, snapshots and sound bites that create distress and disconnection from those we are to believe we are connected to. I want my exhibition to be an experience with narrative structure, each piece has a story you can read and together they tell the story of the exhibition as a whole. By all means share what you like, even on social media but I challenge you to tell a story under the pictures you post, whatever story you like. I would love to see your stories, please hashtag #sachiexhibition. Please join me for Sachi from the 2nd to the 24th of July 2021.

ぜひお気に入りを #sachi exhibition とタグをつけてSNSでシェアしてください。そして、あたながポストする写真の下にあなたのストーリーをきかせてほしいです。7月2日から24日まで開催される展覧会「幸」、皆様ぜひご参加ください。

The Chinese character for happiness reminds me of an open heart, a figure with open arms or a tree with branches and roots outstretched like the Celtic tree of life. When I was thinking of what to title my show, the idea of a pictogram seemed to be more appropriate than a word using a phonetic alphabet, after all I am telling stories with pictures. I wanted a ‘kanji’ that in its form and feeling conveyed the meaning of my show. What immediately came to mind was the open heart of the kanji for happiness, it’s always been a favorite of mine.



Freyja Dean Solo Exhibition 『SACHI』
会期:2021年7月2日(金)〜 24日(土)
営業時間 : 12:00-19:00