Introduction to the class
Freyja no Heya is an English Art class where I teach children to grow in confidence by making their own mark in the world, beginning with painting and drawing. So much of a child’s experience of life is becoming increasingly formulaic. In my opinion this doesn’t leave space for them to see what they are capable of if they make their own way. The structure of my class works on the principle that I plan each lesson based on the children I will have in the class but I follow their lead with how they want to work and encourage they take their interests to higher levels. If one of my students loves Godzilla, I will never tell them we are not painting Godzilla, but I might say why paint Godzilla when we can try and make one for real?


Rough schedule Feb-June
This year I’m very excited to say, I will be having a joint exhibition with the children from Freyja no Heya. The show will be on the theme of ‘the future’ and is to be held in August to coincide with the Olympics. I am from England and was living in London while the London 2012 Olympics were taking place. The atmosphere in the city and country as a whole was fantastic and the games brought a great sense of optimism whether you enjoy sports or not. The city was a huge party. It is this sense of optimism for the future I want to encapsulate in our summer show. So, this spring the children will be making artwork based on their own ideas of what the future will look like and what they might look like if science means they could add or evolve special abilities. We are painting, drawing and designing but also 3D moulding on software as I plan to 3D print the characters and designs the children have made in my class.