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"FREYJA NO HEYA" We are currently having a Free trial Lesson. *Limit one trial per person

Every child possesses some spark of genius.

The important thing is that there is an adult with the child
who is able to find this latent talent, and to encourage its growth.
Freyja's Room is a classroom where children can learn English and art side by side.
Freyja Dean is an active artist and teacher who studied at
the University of the Arts London after graduating from the British Steiner school.
She looks forward to seeing you soon!

Fun Learning, Creative Thinking, Supported Environment

Freyja's Room is a school that seeks to simultaneously enhance children's creativity and language power by learning arts and crafts in an immersive English setting. All tuition is conducted in small classes, and since we offer a range of levels from Introductory to Advanced, anyone is invited to participate, without any need to be concerned about your artistic knowledge or experience, or language proficiency level.


Free trial lessons
Target Ages: 4〜12

About Theacher

Freyja Dean

I grew up being strongly influenced by my parents, the sculptor and painter Amanda Dean, and the architect Roger Dean, also well known as a record jacket designer for bands like Yes and Asia. Once I had grown, I worked with them on a variety of activities. I believe that an artistic sense is not in any way limited to professionals, but is a capacity that lies hidden in each and every person. Everyone draws pictures when they are young, but the majority eventually abandon this interest. However, our senses of artistry and creativity are not simply there to enable us to create works of art; rather, as tools that can help us in all aspects of life, I believe that they can be skilfully drawn out by practicing them from a young age. I look forward to being able to convey the artistic appeal and expertise that I learned from my parents and in my own schooling using the tools of English.

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